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Deniz Realty Partners Guide: Crisis and Online Activities for Adults!

Deniz Realty Partners Guide: Interactive and Engaging Online Activities for Adults!

With several workplaces closing for the time being, many of us are stuck at home with not much to do. This gives the perfect opportunity to sharpen your skills at a certain task, clean your home, listen to a podcast (ours is here😉) or take some online courses because you never stop learning! Here are some fun and engaging interactive activities for adults!

Open Yale Courses

There are so many introductory level courses available on Open Yale Courses, that provide lessons from “distinguished teachers and scholars” at Yale University. Although no college credit is provided, you do have access to an incredible amount of useful information to broaden your educational horizons or inform you about important topics.

Check out their free resources here:


Coursera is an online learning platform from two professors at Stanford, that provide access to online courses, specializations and degrees. While some require payment, they have several course options that are free and definitely worth exploring!

Check out their free coursework here:


Duolingo is an app available on all platforms that helps people learn new languages! While the app is free, there is a premium option for a price. They offer a wide variety of languages to choose from, so while you’re stuck at home learning a new language is a fun thing to do!

Get more information about the app here:

Online Exercise and Yoga Classes

Most gyms are considering closing for the time being, if they haven’t already, so here are some online streamable classes you can join so you don’t miss out on your daily yoga or exercise class!



Ivy League Courses

In a wonderful blog post on Free Code Camp by Dhawal Shah, ivy league schools are offering coursework available for free, which can be a productive and educational way to spend your time.

Check out their blog and resources here:

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