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Buyer and Seller Tips: Buying Your Home

Looking to Buy Property? Try These Tips to Find Your Dream Home!

Are you thinking about buying a new home? The real estate world can be intimidating, but here are some tips from us to you that will make your home buying experience a breeze!

#1 Choose an Available Agent

Before you begin searching with your agent, make sure they are available to see houses on late notice so that you never lose a chance to see a potential property. This may mean finding an agent with a team, so if one agent isn’t available there is always someone else to show you the property. Doing this can ensure that you will never miss the house of your dreams!

#2 Try to Understand Your Seller

It’s important to try to understand your seller’s motivation so the best negotiation strategy can be used. The seller may have a different timeline in mind or a different ideal outcome, so knowing these things can help put you and the seller on more of a common ground. This ensures that everyone gets what they want out of the process.

#3 Always Ask for Past Utility Bills

When trying to find the best price for your new home, it’s important to factor in the cost of utilities. Utilities can range from house to house, so knowing ahead of time what you should expect to pay can help you find the rest home for you.

#4 Know that Realtors Are Not Lawyers

Real Estate Agents cannot legally write contract terms! This is considered the unlicensed practice of Law. Make sure beforehand that your agent has a lawyer easy available to ensure all of the your documents are done legally and ethically to prevent any mishaps. This confirms that the home-buying process will go by even smoother!

#5 Get a Trustworthy Agent

Make sure your agent has a meaningful track record, customer satisfaction and relevant experience to give you the best home-buying process. This is the most important tip because it shows that your agent has accountability and dedication to their customers, guaranteeing that the home-buying process will be smooth and stress free. It also demonstrates that your agent will care about you and do what they can to make the transaction special.

Want more tips? Check out our resources section where we have our FREE and downloadable Real Estate Secrets Magazine, that has even more tips & tricks to get you the perfect home!

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