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Buyer and Seller Tips: Selling Your Home

Trying to Sell Your Home? Try These Tricks to Get Your Home Off the Market ASAP!

#1 Social Media Presence is KEY

The majority of buyers, 98% to be exact, start their home search online and on social media. The agent you choose should have an active online presence on all social media platforms to guarantee your home is viewed by the most potential buyers. This makes your home easily searchable and shareable by anyone who might be interested!

#2 Don’t Waste Your Time with Open Houses

Open houses are usually ineffective, as only 4% of homes are sold by an open house. However, open houses are a great way for your agent to meet potential buyers. If you feel that you do not want to do an open house or feel pressured by your agent to do one, it may be because they have alternative motives. It is completely okay to not want strangers walking through your home! It will sell without an open house, trust us.

#3 3D Walk- Throughs can be Your Best Friend

3D walk throughs give potential buyers a chance to fall in love with the home before they even step foot inside. This can make the process much quicker when they come to see the home and find it’s even better in person! Buyers can view these videos on any electronical device and it’s easily sharable. Make sure your house gets one if you’re trying to sell!

Want more tips? Check out our resources section where we have our FREE and downloadable Real Estate Secrets Magazine, that has even more tips & tricks to sell your home fast!

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